145. No matter what, our thoughts at the dying moment what count?

“දසබලයන්වහන්සේ නමැති ශෛලමය පර්වතයෙන් පැන නැඟී, අමා මහ නිවන නම් වූ මහා සාගරය අවසන් කොට ඇති, ආර්ය අෂ්ටාංගික මාර්ගය නම් වූ සිහිල් දිය දහරින් හෙබි, උතුම් ශ්‍රීමුඛ බුද්ධවචන ගංගාවෝ, ලෝ සතුන්ගේ සසර දුක් නිවාලමින්, බොහෝ කල් ගලා බස්නා සේක්වා!”
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Q. No matter what, our thoughts at the death bed decide everything / the next life?

A. Although the Suttas (https://suttacentral.net/en/mn135 / https://suttacentral.net/en/mn136) have common great deep analysis (but not the deepest analyses that commentaries have) of Kamma and Its Vipaka (effects of Kammas), in your case, we have to dealwith the commentary calls Abhidhammattha-Sangaha (A Manual of Abhidhamma Pitaka).
We’ve got both an Attakatha and Tikas; Well, it’s a long story... However, in the Tika (51. ගරුකං ආසන්‌නං ආචිණ්‌ණං කටත්‌තාකම්‌මඤ්‌චෙති පාකදානපරියායෙන.) and its very own commentary (http://tipitaka.org/sinh/cscd/abh07t.nrf13.xml) we got Pali meaning similar to the following quoted text answering your question –

… “There are four classes of Kamma according to the priority of effect.
The first is Garuka, which means weighty or serious. This Kamma, which is good or bad, produces results in this life, or in the next for certain. If good, it is purely mental as in the case of Jhanas - Ecstasies. Otherwise it is verbal or bodily.
The five kinds of Weighty Kamma are:-
i) Matricide
ii) Parricide
iii) the murder of an Arahant
iv) the mounding of the Buddha
v) the creation of a Schism in the Sangha
Permanent Skepticism - Niyata Micchaditthi is also termed on of the Weighty Kammas.
In the absence of a Weighty Kamma to condition the next birth, a Death-Proximity Kamma - Asanna might operate. This is the Kamma one does or RECALLS immediately before the dying moment.
Habitual - Acinna Kamma is the next in the priority of effect. It is the Kamma that one habitually performs and recollects and for which one has a great liking.
The forth is the "Cumulative - Katatta Kamma", which embraces all that cannot be included in the above three. This is as it were the reverse fund of a particular being.” …

In your case, Asanna Kamma (Death-Proximity Kamma) is the one that you are not sure of.

Finally, Effects of Kammas are beyond our thinking - https://suttacentral.net/en/an4.77

"දසබලසේලප්පභවා නිබ්බානමහාසමුද්දපරියන්තා, අට්ඨංග මග්ගසලිලා ජිනවචනනදී චිරං වහතූ!"

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