610. Pathological Lying (Mythomania / Pseudologia Fantastica) vs Eternal Truth.

“දසබලයන්වහන්සේ නමැති ශෛලමය පර්වතයෙන් පැන නැඟී, අමා මහ නිවන නම් වූ මහා සාගරය අවසන් කොට ඇති, ආර්ය අෂ්ටාංගික මාර්ගය නම් වූ සිහිල් දිය දහරින් හෙබි, උතුම් ශ්‍රීමුඛ බුද්ධවචන ගංගාවෝ, ලෝ සතුන්ගේ සසර දුක් නිවාලමින්, බොහෝ කල් ගලා බස්නා සේක්වා!”
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Q. Actually what happened to Mahamaya Devi after the birth of Lord Buddha? Some Buddhist monks say she died in 7 days and went to Thusitha heaven, and some Buddhist monk says she changed the sex and was kept separately in a palace. I want to know where exactly in Tripitaka this incident is mentioned and what is the exact truth. Even though by birth I am a catholic I follow Buddhism and love to know about Buddhism further more.

A. It’s a natural/universal rule that Bodhisatta’s (Bodhisattva's) mother passes-away and be born in heavenly realm Tusitha. As it’s clearly been preached out by The Greatest (The Lord Buddha) Himself, no need any further clarifications by anyone else. (Thanks a lot for being detective-like!)

[Just a little controversy about ON or AFTER seven days in translations, I go with ON – see Prof. Rhys Davids’s and Sinhalese translations.]

“It is the rule, brethren, that, on the seventh day after the birth of a Bodhisat (Bodhisattva), the mother of the Bodhisat dies, and rises again in the heaven of Delight. That, in such a case, is the rule.”


{“I have learned this in the presence of the Buddha: ‘Seven days after the being intent on awakening is born, his mother passes away and is reborn in the host of Joyful Gods.’ This too I remember as an incredible quality of the Buddha."

“It’s normal that, seven days after the being intent on awakening is born, his mother passes away and is reborn in the host of Joyful Gods. This is normal in such a case."

"That's the way it is, Ānanda. That's the way it is, for the mothers of bodhisattas are short-lived. Seven days after the bodhisattas' birth, the bodhisattas' mothers pass away and reappear among the Contented (deva-) group."

"දසබලසේලප්පභවා නිබ්බානමහාසමුද්දපරියන්තා, අට්ඨංග මග්ගසලිලා ජිනවචනනදී චිරං වහතූ!"

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